Small (12" x 12" ) Paintings

 New work completed in 2010 and 2011 on 12" x 12" panels.

 Air Navigation Series:

The title is taken from an espionage WWII book called Air Navigation, which is embedded into this painting.  Elementary Dead Reckoning is the process of estimating one's position and this term caught my attention as it relates to our position before God.
Birds, natural air navigators, perfectly illustrate God reckoning and protection in another way. The bird at the top of the painting seems to be suspended by strings, which are actually mathematical lines to figure one's position or dead reckoning. This small bird references my Banding Series about God's sovereign care as He captures us in "the nets of God."  Matthew 6 26 tells us that His care for us is like His care for these beautiful designed air navigators.

These four golden colored paintings are metaphors we well understand as pilgrims and travelers on earth toward a heavenly city.  Air Corps includes angels as well as birds as part of God's heavenly Air Corps.


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Elementary Dead Reckoning

Blue Bird Navigation

Air Corps

The Great Circle Course


Babel Baby

More images are available upon request.