Collograph / Monoprints

Hot off the printing press! I worked for a week at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts to produce 25 new monoprints. Some of them are manipulated with mixed media, but most are untouched collographs.

A collograph is a collage printing technique that is a cross between a relief plate and an intaglio plate. There are two types of collagraph printmaking: subtractive and additive. Both versions of collagraph printing allow for a lot of creativity and innovation

My Life Giver Series is a suite of seven "additive" collographs which incorporate my figurative stencil which unifies the series. It deals with metaphors  describing Christ.  Jesus called himself, 'The VIne, The Door, The Way,' as well as a falling Seed. 

Swallows I and II make reference to The Nets of God poem.

My series of three "subtractive" black and white collographs deal with the Prodigal Son and the Godhead, in three persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Click on a painting to see more information and an enlarged version.

Life Giver Series The Vine I

Life Giver Series One Who Flies

Life Giver Series In Him Was Life


Swallows I (Nets of God Series)

Swallows II

Prodigal I

Prodigal II

Prodigal II / Trinity

More images are available upon request.