Be Lifted Up O Ancient Doors

This installation deals with the mystery of Christ, the incarnate God, the King of Glory, and the doorway to eternity, His sacrifice is foretold when the captive Israelites were instructed to put blood on the doorjams of their Egyptian homes. 

Each doorjamb in the installation is lifted higher as one approaches the end panels. So too the King of Glory was lifted up on a cross. The experience of walking through six blood-smeared doorjambs as one walks toward heavenly glory is about a God of purity who dwells in inaccessible light, but who made it possible for his created ones in all their fallen uncleanness and unholiness to approach Him through His blood.

Be Lifted Up O Ancient Doors was first shown at Grace Center in 1998. It was shown again at Genema Gallery in Atlanta. The end painting now hangs at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, N.C. 

                       This installation can still be shown unpon request.

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Be Lifted Up O Ancient Doors

Be Lifted Up O Ancient Doors

Be Lifted Up O Ancient Doors

Be Lifted Up O Everlasting Doors

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