Word Image Series

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There is an inter-connectedness between words and images. "...for man is so made that he has no way to think except in pictures" (Dorothy Sayers). Thus I often juxtapose image and text to create connections and metaphors that may not be predictable or seen immediately. But the image becomes the subtext that interacts with its foundational text and allows the viewer to consider story, a story which is transcendent and eternally relevant--and which hopefully reveals One who is both Word and Image.

Although subject matter will vary, this series is about mark making, layering, and stripping away to find the mystery. My words and images are content driven, but they do not have to be. Often I create  story as I progress, or I begin with a concept that is based on my biblical world view even though it may be hidden. But perhaps the viewer will catch a glimpse of mystery, transcendence, and the ancient foundations.

Joseph Beuys asked a question that concerns my own Word / Image work: "How does Word become matter? How does it become a real live person?"

This mystery of Word becoming flesh (matter) will always have its reference in Christ who is not only the Transcendent Logos but also The Word Incarnate, the God who is personal and who communicates through language to bring his global image bearers into community.

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Word Breathed

The Word Made Flesh


First Born / Shachah

The Pearl

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